Shipping & Logistics

Why we are your optimal shipping partner:

You want to send a parcel and are looking for the right shipping partner? Compare countless offers, different rates and transit times, different size and weight restrictions, etc.

Why search for yourself? We know the market and select the right transport partner for you. The quantity you want to ship is irrelevant. Just like size, weight and destination.

Parcel shipping - air freight

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That's how easy it is to ship through us:


First we clarify your shipping requirements.


We will make you an offer based on your actual needs.


The package or pallet will be shipped through us.


One bill for all services - and save money in the process.


Whoever sends a shipment needs to be sure that everything works perfectly during the shipment, that nothing is damaged and that the recipient can receive the shipment undamaged at the agreed time. 

Ask now without obligation: